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Barry Johnson

Platinum Senior Vice President Barry Johnson
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I would love to tell you about the opportunities available by joining the 5 Linx team. If you go to the Guests page you will find everything you need to know.
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Wealth, Freedom, Opportunity and Success. The Platinum Group is changing lives. Join our platinum group family and we will show you how. Welcome to The Platinum Group.
- Barry Johnson, Platinum Senior Vice President

Welcome to the Platinum Group

The Platinum Group organization is a network of independent entrepreneurs who leverage and utilize the Platinum Group Success System to build multiple streams of income and long term generational residual WEALTH.

We welcome all our business partners and prospective business partners to utilize The Platinum Group website as a PLATform and resource for information, education, training, motivation, growth and business tool for success.

Philosophy / Objectives of the Platinum Group

The Platinum Group organization is predicated upon one fundamental principle: Our Business Partners come first.

Our expertise, experience and integrity have earned us the reputation as being one of the fastest growing organizations and most progressive in the United States.

The Platinum Group’s consistent track record of uncompromising results and success allows our business partners to grow their businesses with confidence and trust. The Platinum Group relies heavily upon our vast multi-industry relationships and professional networks to allow us to respond quickly to emerging opportunities and provide our business partners with the most relevant information, insight, strategies and perspectives.

The Platinum Group business partners are “idea” and “systems” people. We believe ANYTHING is possible; EVERYTHING is negotiable. Despite what a person’s outward circumstances appear to be, while others may see what is and wonder why; The Platinum Group sees what might be and say "Why not?!" Our leadership looks at the paradoxes, and then applies well reasoned and thought out analysis, then supplements with OUTSIDE THE BOX solutions to allow our business partners to enjoy unique solutions to perceived complex problems.

If you are ready to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL we welcome you to come join our millionaire winner’s circle. FAITH FOCUS FINANCE & ACTION